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New Blog with Gatsbyjs

on May 30, 2018 • underGeneral

So I have been thinking to shift by personal blog to a better system for a long time. After I started my adventure with React, it was clear to me that Gatsby is indeed the choice. So for past three days, I researched on many things and finally set up my blog under this brand new domain. This post is just to try out some things. See a video Some tweets? And an Image This is uploaded from the…

React Repeater HOC

on April 19, 2018 • underReactjavascripthoc

This came out as a discussion with people from wesbos slack channel. PS: Do buy his courses, those are just awesome 🔥 The issue at hand was to functionally repeat a react component N times. So I came up with this quick HOC. It accepts three parameters, the , how many and a to dynamically create a Key ( Maybe this is a bad idea, but if you have something better let me know ). Use it like…

Use jQuery in Node with JSDOM V11

on March 23, 2018 • underJavaScripttestjestjsdom

Recently I've been learning new things from WesBos Courses . After finishing up the ES6 course, I thought about giving it a try on some real project. So I went ahead and rewrote the legacy code of fontIconPicker . After rewriting it to ES6 modules, I went a step ahead to test things. For obvious reasons, I choose jest for implementing unit and integration tests. But soon enough, I ran into…

Automatic Letsencrypt SSL for Gitlab and GitLab Pages

on September 17, 2017 • underGitLabLet's encryptSSL

So I use GitLab and GitLab pages as part of my workflow for past 4 years and it has been a wonderful journey. The flexibility GitLab provides is extra ordinary and all for free. As you have seen from my previous post I have set them up on different Linode VMs . One of the challenges was to automate Let's Encrypt free SSL for both my GitLab and GitLab instances. I could have used cloudflare SSL…

Linode Private Networking with GitLab & GitLab Runner

on September 16, 2017 • underGitLabLinodeNetworking

So I have this 3 servers running for my complete GitLab setup with automated CI/CD and code analysis with SonarQube. ( About which I will surely write ). One thing I wanted to take advantage of was Linode's Private Networking for faster communication between my GitLab and GitLab Runner. Do note that I assume we already have Both GitLab and GitLab Runner were installed through official method…