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Iterable Numbers in JavaScript with Symbol.iterator

on June 05, 2018 • underJavaScriptES6

Kudos to Samantha Ming for her thoughts on printing ranges natively on JavaScript. This looked really promising and cool. So I though about implementing within a custom class and without generators so it can run without regenerator-runtime in Nodejs. This is what I came up with and it doesn't have any side effects mentioned by the original article. The purpose of the class is to create a…

Dev Setup for contributing to Gatsbyjs Packages

on June 04, 2018 • underGatsbyjs

So, just now my first contribution to the awesome Gatsbyjs got merged and I couldn't be more excited. The folks over there are super helpful and very responsive. It only took a few hours for them to review and accept the MR. Awesome 💥. So, in this post, I would like to share how I quickly setup my local environment for contributing to one of the gatsbyjs packages. The official docs are very…

Social Share button for Gatsby Blog Pages

on June 04, 2018 • underGatsbyjsJavaScriptSocial

Let's talk about adding some cool social share buttons on Gatsby blog pages. For this we will be using react-share . Install It is as simple as Modify configuration Now we need to know about site's URL and a few other things for social sharing to work. So let's edit our file and put the URL in the . Create Social Component Now let's create a React Component which will show the share…

Paginated Blog post with Gatsby Pagination

on June 02, 2018 • underGatsbyjsJavaScript

All my experiments with Gatsbyjs has been great so far. I did hit a few bumps along the road, but it was sorted out. So this is my first tutorial on Gatsbyjs explaining something useful and practical. I transferred by blog from hugo to gatsby and the one immediate thing I felt missing was the blog archive page and the linked pages. After googling around a bit, I came across this awesome…

Super Excited with Gatsbyjs

on May 31, 2018 • underGeneralGatsbyjs

So my optimization is nearly complete and I am amazed to see the power and potential of gatsbyjs . I have just started learning GraphQL and it is amazing 💥🎉. Right now I have applied the following optimization to my blog and I will write about them soon. gatsby-remark-images : Optimizes all images in this blog, with lazy-loading and blurred preview. gatsby-plugin-manifest : Add nicely…