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Dev Setup for contributing to Gatsbyjs Packages

on June 04, 2018 • underGatsbyjs

So, just now my first contribution to the awesome Gatsbyjs got merged and I couldn't be more excited. The folks over there are super helpful and very responsive. It only took a few hours for them to review and accept the MR. Awesome 💥. So, in this post, I would like to share how I quickly setup my local environment for contributing to one of the gatsbyjs packages. The official docs are very…

Social Share button for Gatsby Blog Pages

on June 04, 2018 • underGatsbyjsJavaScriptSocial

Let's talk about adding some cool social share buttons on Gatsby blog pages. For this we will be using react-share . Install It is as simple as Modify configuration Now we need to know about site's URL and a few other things for social sharing to work. So let's edit our file and put the URL in the . Create Social Component Now let's create a React Component which will show the share…

Paginated Blog post with Gatsby Pagination

on June 02, 2018 • underGatsbyjsJavaScript

All my experiments with Gatsbyjs has been great so far. I did hit a few bumps along the road, but it was sorted out. So this is my first tutorial on Gatsbyjs explaining something useful and practical. I transferred by blog from hugo to gatsby and the one immediate thing I felt missing was the blog archive page and the linked pages. After googling around a bit, I came across this awesome…

Super Excited with Gatsbyjs

on May 31, 2018 • underGeneralGatsbyjs

So my optimization is nearly complete and I am amazed to see the power and potential of gatsbyjs . I have just started learning GraphQL and it is amazing 💥🎉. Right now I have applied the following optimization to my blog and I will write about them soon. gatsby-remark-images : Optimizes all images in this blog, with lazy-loading and blurred preview. gatsby-plugin-manifest : Add nicely…

New Blog with Gatsbyjs

on May 30, 2018 • underGeneral

So I have been thinking to shift by personal blog to a better system for a long time. After I started my adventure with React, it was clear to me that Gatsby is indeed the choice. So for past three days, I researched on many things and finally set up my blog under this brand new domain. This post is just to try out some things. See a video Some tweets? And an Image This is uploaded from the…